A Place for Spanish Beginners

At Latin ELE, we are constantly working on providing material to teach Spanish for beginners. We know learning Spanish can be difficult sometimes, but here at Latin ELE we do our best so you can learn in an effortless way.

In our podcast "Speaking Spanish for Beginners" we teach you the very basics. Over time, it will increase in difficulty, so you will have a step by a step program to get started.

We focus on Latin American Spanish. As we are from this part of the world, it's just natural for us. Additionally, there is plenty of material produced in Spain and we wanted to provide an alternative for students looking for Latin American pronunciation.

We really hope you enjoy our show. You can support us by rating it with 5 starts on your podcast app, recommending us on social media, or making a donation.

🖥️Course Spanish for Beginners

  • More than 30 videos with easy-to-follow explanations so you can start having conversations from day 1 with your Latin American friends.

  • Lifetime access which allows you to study at your own pace. That also means you can go back and review the contents whenever you want.

  • Downloadable and graphic material which makes it easy for you to remember vocabulary and expressions. Forget about those dull Spanish language books!

  • 30 days money-back guarantee.

With lots of information on the Internet, it's easy feel overwhelmed with a constant stream of information. That also makes it hard for you to decide what online material is important to begin learning Spanish.

In our course Spanish for Beginners we saved you the time to look for relevant content to get started and also took a hands-on approach to teaching Spanish, so you can start having conversations from day 1 with your Spanish speaking friends.


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